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Hello! My name is Russell, but I tend to go by Russ!

I'm a software dev (I tend to prefer backend or possibly mobile development) who tries to dabble in what tech offers these days - I might even be one of those "tech enthusiasts"

I also have always been a fan of and enjoy self-hosting stuff, even if I don't have an immediate need for that particular "thing"

Generally I'm an open book, so feel free to ask me whatever you'd like!

How do you pronounce gunzip? #BoostsAppreciated

Migrated my email server earlier this week... Thought it all went well, until I finally noticed that I hadn't received any email since then lol.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure why, but the emails weren't bouncing back, they were just eaten so I hope I didn't miss anything important (which shouldn't be the case) πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

The phrase "Trust, but verify" comes to mind...

Oof, my waffles got soggy very quickly this morning... It's been forever since I've had them (or any other proper breakfast really), so maybe I'm just forgetting how long it takes for that to happen...

Hello folks! I'm feeling quite cheery this morning which is an interesting change... I'll take it though!

Favorite Linux desktop workflow?

I'm genuinely curious. I love i3wm, but there are times it feels clumsy, especially when at work and I have a LOT of windows open (I primarily use tabs, or what POP!_OS calls stacks).

Don't just vote, tell me *why* what you chose works so well for you, and how you got into the flow of it.
I'm looking into alternatives for my current setup for my professional workflow (non-tech, non-creative type work)

Kindly boost for more nerd-coverage. :D

I'd rather not try to explicitly say whether the impressions are good vs bad, since I think a lot of this will come down to "I need time to understand the nuances of "

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Trying out since it's been on my radar for a bit. Initial impressions? This is going to take some getting used to... πŸ€”

And we're back to Monday! Good morning (in my case)/afternoon/evening folks!

was also fairly good - it's a shame the other episodes (especially E08) weren't like this one.

Hopefully season 2 continues the momentum we've picked up.

What a fantastic episode of today!

I think SNW is on track to be my favorite of the lineup - or at least, extremely close!

Good morning! It is definitely out of place for me to be waking up at 11AM...

... however it is not out of place that I only fell asleep at about 7:5AM or so, ha.

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