Hello! My name is Russell, but I tend to go by Russ!

I'm a software dev (I tend to prefer backend or possibly mobile development) who tries to dabble in what tech offers these days - I might even be one of those "tech enthusiasts"

I also have always been a fan of and enjoy self-hosting stuff, even if I don't have an immediate need for that particular "thing"

Generally I'm an open book, so feel free to ask me whatever you'd like!

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On a more personal note, I live with a chronic auto immune condition called Crohn's Disease - and while most days it's hard for me to not feel like its a weakness, but I think it's part of what shaped me to be the person I am today and I'm proud of what I've become!

Sometimes, the best parts of life truly comes from the journey rather than the destination, and I'd say this is one of my most bittersweet journeys.

I mention this because I used to be a huge fan of Twitter and was quite active on it, but over time it became less and less personal. Watching the downfall of 3rd party Twitter apps was sad to say the least (A Twitter app was one of my first bigger projects!).

I've got a pretty good feeling about the though, and am excited to see where it takes me (and the world in general)!

I generally don't like to post threads where I ramble on and on, as I could probably talk all day and don't want to come off "spammy" haha. So, sometimes I might appear quiet, but I promise I'm here! :D

At some point I should create a blog for my ramblings, but we shall see! It would give me an opportunity to look into some of those cool static site generators, like Hugo and I usually am on the hunt for stuff to self-host... hmm.

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