You know, things would be so much easier if I weren't so tired all the time >=/

Hoodie season is here so I made sure to get a new one for the season. I'm READY.

It's almost Fall over here, my favorite time of the year! Looking forward to it 🙂

Today has been incredibly stressing, ironically it was supposed to be a destressing day - or at least, a path to relieving some of the stress-factors in my life.


@calaggie I feel that, I'm still on an i7-4790k and a GTX 970 with 10GBs of RAM haha

@james Oh wow! Yeah I definitely need to get some sort of monitoring setup for it (other than a up/down alert which I already have setup) - I don't think I've ever had to worry about disk space on any of my other services, including my Matrix server haha.

Apparently my Mastodon VM ran out of disk space... whoops...

@itsfoss Well I can't say I'm too surprised.

I look forward to seeing Federation support in Gitea, so that self-hosting can become more prevalent without having to ask folks to register accounts on tons of various instances.

@cobra "open source... if you're the right person" most likely

@atlas_core Isn't that the case with every SSH client though?

I use Termius for the cross-platform syncing, I have to use Windows every now and then for work so its nice to not have to resetup *everything* or manually write in the changes.

That being said, I've also been a big fan of WindTerm recently :D

@techhut Was there supposed to be a poll attached to this? 🤔

Supposedly Mastodon had a color-scheme change, but I can't see any signs of it... *shrug*

This, right here, is why companies everywhere should not use social media alone for service status updates.

The fact that Proton's status page says we should go to Twitter for "more information" means that Proton is less accessible to folks without Twitter accounts. And that's no good.

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